Fun Size Bytes

  1. Blanket Story, coda

    Remember that adorable story about how sweet my kid is and how he covered me with his blanket on Monday morning?

    And remember how Steve tried to suggest that it might have been the dog?!

    (If not, read them both here.)

    (As if!)

    Well, let’s return to Monday night, just around The Boy’s Bedtime, EDT.

    "Dad, I can’t find my second blanket…"

    (Did I mention he sleeps with 4 blankets? Even in the summer? I blame The Wife’s thin blood and the fact that he was manufactured and born in Florida.)

    "Which one is the second one? The Steelers’ one?"


    "It’s still on my bed from this morning…"

    "…This morning?"

    "Remember when mom took you to school so I could sleep in? Didn’t you put that blanket on me?"

    "No… I think it must have been the dog."

    "Dammit, Steve!"


    "Take your blanket and go to bed."

    ~ Several Hours Earlier… ~

    Me: “Did you see that picture I posted? How sweet is that? He covered me with his blanket!”

    The Wife: “I think that was the dog.”

    Me: “Oh shut up, it was not.”

    ~ Sigh… ~

    It’s tough being the only romantic in a world full of Muggles…