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  1. Get rid of the anti-Missing-E fear-mongering warning in Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome

    {Note: short URL for this post is Is that immature and overreactive? Hey, fair is fair, Tumblr.}

    I am tired of Tumblr, Inc.’s ongoing tantrum about Missing E.

    If they hadn’t grossly exaggerated and relied on FUD for their message, I might be more sympathetic.

    Now I just want to make sure I never see it again.

    If you feel the same way, here’s how to get rid of it.

    UPDATE: There’s a (free) solution for Mac users which will work for all browsers, including iPad or iPhone/iPod touch. See

    Here’s the original post:

    ~ Chrome ~

    If you use Google Chrome, get Stylish and then install

    ~ Firefox ~

    If you use Firefox, get Stylish and then install

    ~ Safari ~

    The easiest way to get rid of this in Safari is with a custom style sheet.

    1) You need to put this in a plain text file:

    body#dashboard_index #overlay,
    body#dashboard_index #detection_alert {
    body#dashboard_index {
    overflow: auto!IMPORTANT;}

    (or download mine from

    Save the file somewhere that won’t be in your way, like ~/Documents/Safari.css

    2) Now you have to tell Safari to use it.

    Go to Safari » Preferences » Advanced

    and click on “Style Sheet” and then select “Other…” as shown here:

    3) Select the file that you created from wherever you saved it, i.e. ~/Documents/Safari.css

    4) BOOM, done

    Now you won’t see the Missing-E fear-mongering warning anymore.