Fun Size Bytes

  1. Warning: Sadness Ahead

    There’s never a good time to mention someone or something that you know is going to be painful for people, so I’m sorry if you were having a nice morning that I’m about to make sad.

    I happened upon a link to Jeff/fedge/glueslabs’ website the other day, and realized that I couldn’t read it because his domain name ( hadn’t been renewed. I tried going to but that didn’t work because it automatically redirected to the .com.

    I emailed Tumblr Support and explained the situation to them, and asked if they would disable the redirect, so would work again. I didn’t know if they would, and part of me was afraid that they might just disable his Tumblr account (I don’t know why I thought that, maybe because of his last post). After giving it some thought I decided that it was worth asking, because there wasn’t any way for people to read his Tumblr posts anyway.

    My worries were unfounded. Tumblr Support disabled the redirect and you can now access his Tumblr again.

    Of course the last post still hits like a kick in the stomach. If you want to go back and look through old posts I might recommend going to which will give you an overview of all of his posts by date instead. If you find an old link that goes to ‘’ just change it to ‘’ and it should work. There aren’t many, but I thought that it might be meaningful to some folks here.

    Jeff and I weren’t best friends. We met once, we talked a few times on Twitter and email. I answered a few “tech support” on occasion, and that was about it. But I sincerely hope that he found some peace in the next life that he never seemed to find in this one.