Fun Size Bytes

  1. Conversations with my Doctor, a story in two parts


    Him: “You’re down about 15 pounds since the last time I saw you. Keep up the good work.”

    Me: “What? Really?”

    Him: “Yeah. Whatever you’re doing keep it up.”

    Me: “But I haven’t been doing anything.”

    Him: “We’ll, every little bit helps.”

    Me: “No, I mean it, I have done nothing. Although, I’ve been thinking about starting to walk more.”

    Him: “Walking is great.”

    Me: goes home and buys new Fitbit, starts eating salads occasionally. Cuts way down on red meat, starts walking more often.


    Me: “So, hey, how is my weight compared to last time?!”

    Him: “Well, you’re up a few pounds…”

    Me: “…”

    [insert Hulk vs Loki gif here]