Fun Size Bytes

  1. "The cook says hi."

    I’m at my usual place. I have a new waitress who doesn’t know me. Pretty much everyone else knows me, going back to when they referred to me as “diet no ice guy”.

    One waitress seated me and brought me a diet no ice and said to the new girl, “he needs a plate of lime when you get a chance, and he knows what he wants.” She didn’t leave a menu.

    New girl came over, set down the plate and said, “Did you want something to eat?” I told her, repeating the part that they usually get wrong since I know how they do their slips now.

    She brought out my sandwich and said “The cook says hi.”

    I guess one of the “perks” of ordering things a certain way is that even the cook knows you.

    She gave me a look as if she was trying to figure out why everyone knew me.

    I guess this is as close to being famous as I’m likely to get.