Fun Size Bytes

  1. Dear New England Area Friends: Come to The Wife’s Birthday Party!

    The Wife’s birthday is approaching. The date is Saturday, January 5th.

    It’s a milestone birthday, one of the ones that ends with a zero.

    But more importantly, it happens to coincide with the end of our Christmas trip to Massachusetts, and my Mom is throwing her a party, and we would like any of our Internet friends who are in the area to be there too.

    As Kally and Rachel can attest, my mom is awesome.There will be good food, merry making, and quite possibly my mom’s Triple Chocolate Cake which is the best thing ever and happens to be The Wife’s favorite. Or mine. Definitely one of those.

    My mom still lives in the house I grew up in, so if you’ve ever wanted to track down my roots, here’s your chance.

    But really, let’s be honest, you’re still thinking about the cake.

    Anyway, if you think you might be interested, let me know and I’ll keep you up to date with plans. I’m assuming it will be in the an afternoon / evening.

    (Mom lives in Hudson, Mass. for those trying to figure out driving distance, etc.)