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  1. Mac Help?


    So if a person had a copy of Pages they came by in not the most legal way, and had a few documents the aforementioned program now suddenly started opening as blanks due to upgrade issues, how would said person go about finding a way to get the information out of those documents without buying an updated version of Pages?


    You *do not* install applications that “came by in not the most legal way”onto your computer. That is your best chance of getting malware onto your Mac. In fact, it’s probably the only way that you will *ever* get malware on your Mac.

    Pages is $20. You are an adult now. Pay for your software or I will start sending your picture to local movie theaters and telling them that you pirate movies and should not be allowed to see James Bond ever again until it comes out on DVD.

    *wags pointed finger in your direction in a very disapproving manner.*