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  1. My Letter to Mike Huckabee

    I sent this message on 2012-12-14 via

    Dear Mike Huckabee:

    I am writing in response to your comment that the shooting deaths today were the result of removing God from schools.

    David Hosick was the pastor of the church I attended in college. Rev. Hosick was instrumental in leading me to faith, and ultimately into ministry myself. He is one of the most gifted preachers I have ever heard. He was a quiet man of deep faith, and a prayerful man.

    One day his son (Robert) was over at a friend’s house. This friend was showing off one of his dad’s guns. Robert told him that he shouldn’t be messing with his father’s guns. Before they could be put away, one of the guns went off and killed Robert.

    I assume that many people will point out to you that there have been shooting at churches too. Perhaps you will think that those churches were somehow not faithful. Perhaps they ordain women. Maybe they even consider ordaining gay and lesbian people too. I’m not sure what fault you will find in them to justify the gun violence that they suffered. Perhaps they simply did not pray hard enough.

    I imagine that tonight Reverend Hosick might be watching the news, and might feel again the pain of the death of his son. It seems inevitable. That pain would be bad enough, I can’t even imagine it. But I wonder what Reverend Hosick would say to you.

    Where is it, I wonder, that you draw this theological conclusion from? Is it from Luke 22:49-51, where Jesus healed the ear of one of the men who came to arrest Him after one of His followers cut it off? Or from Luke 23:34, where Jesus said — in reference to those who were crucifying Him: “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing”?

    I guess it must be from somewhere else.

    I once considered you an honorable man. At one time, I would have given serious consideration to voting for you. But your words today were despicable, and you should be ashamed to claim to speak for God when you look over the bodies of 20 dead children and say “Serves you right!”

    Jesus never would have spoken such words. Today you have brought shame upon His name, and the name of all Christians. When you are called to give an account for your words, sir, I hope you have a very good answer ready.


    Rev. Timothy J. Luoma