Fun Size Bytes

  1. As I drove home tonight, I was listening to this (Thanks Tom for the recommendation a few weeks ago) because sometimes when I don’t understand the world, listening to music in a language I don’t understand is the best response.

    I turned a corner near where we live and watched a young deer scamper across the street and hop over a fence to a nearby farm. I looked over and saw 6-7 deer grazing. There was only a few minutes of sunlight left, but I could make them out fairly clearly.

    I slowed down, keeping a look-out for any others that might be ready to cross the street.

    I came to a complete stop, rolled the windows down and just watched them.

    They seemed distracted by the sound of the engine, so I turned the ignition off.

    The music continued to play, the deer continued to graze.

    I stayed there for a few minutes more.

    There was no other traffic, so it was just me, the music, the deer, and the setting sun.

    After a few minutes, a car approached from the other direction. Well, not a car, one of those gargantuan pickup trucks. He slowed down as he approached.

    "He’s going to stop to ask if I need any help," I thought to myself as he pulled up alongside my car and rolled down his window. His window seemed several feet higher than mine.

    "That’s more deer than I’ve seen all deer season!" he said with exasperation in his voice. He threw up his hands. "Figures!"

    He rolled up his window and drove off.

    I took one last look, then turned on the ignition, rolled up my window, and drove home.

    I’m going to reblog more poems now.