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  1. Is change possible? As a process thinker I certainly affirm that it is. Over against the self-fulfilling belief that one is threatened by armed criminals or even the government, there are self-fulfilling moves toward trust and non-violence. When the new “enemy” justifying violent self-defense is racially defined, for example, white fear of black lawlessness, the consequence is often discrimination against blacks that in fact leads to an increase of lawless violence. This vicious circle can be reversed when whites treat blacks justly and friendships are established across racial lines. Violence begets violence. Generosity begets generosity. Guns beget guns. Nonviolence begets nonviolence. The choice is clear.

    American Gun Culture - Jesus Jazz and Buddhism

    If you didn’t think I’d link to an article by “Jesus Jazz and Buddhism” then you are clearly new around here.

    (But don’t just settle for the part I quoted, click through, the whole thing is not long and well worth reading.)