Fun Size Bytes

  1. Names tossed around for our new puppy


    MC Ren

    Basically, my family is no help.  

    I’m still partial to Ren and Barca. 

    I can’t believe that you totally ignored my suggestion of YOWZA.

    Yowza The Schnauzer? Tell me that’s not the best name ever. Plus, if s/he ever gets a sitcom, you already have a built-in catch phrase for any time the dog does something unexpected or adorable.

    There could be a running gag where anytime a new man comes to the house, Yowza would run up and bite them in the crotch, and everyone would yell *YOWZA!*

    And maybe another one where anytime you leave Yowza home alone for too long, you come home to a huge, incredibly smelly pile of poop, but the twist is that you can smell it but you can’t find it, so everyone ends up searching throughout the entire house until someone finds it and yells … (wait for it)… “Holy Shit, I’m not cleaning that up.” Because it’s Long Island, what do you think they’re going to say? ‘Yowza’?

    Maybe every episode could end with the female lead sitting on the steps and talking to Yowza until Yowza sees a squirrel or something and goes off and humps it to death. “Oh, Yowza!” CUT! Roll credits. Applause

    There first season could end with a cliff-hanger where Yowza has to jump some incredible distance to save someone from a fire (or whatever) and the last scene is a closeup of everyone yelling YOWZA!!!!!

    Guaranteed second season pickup. What kind of heartless bastard wouldn’t want to know how that ended?

    But, you know, fine, whatever name you chose will be just as awesome.