Fun Size Bytes

  1. What are your Favorite Parts from 2012?

    Look, I know 2012 hasn’t been a great year for a lot of reasons, but I also know that we tend to forget the good stuff if we don’t spend the time to think back on it.

    So I’m starting a list of all of the good things that I can think of from 2012.

    And I hope others will add theirs, either as answers, replies, or reblogs.

    (They don’t have to be big huge things either. Just things worth remembering.)

    1. The Wife finished school. After 2 years of being gone for most of the week and busting her ass at school-work, she graduated, with honors.

    2. Then she passed her board exams.

    3. Last year The Boy was doing fine at school academically, but was really not enjoying it. This year he really seems to have hit his stride.

    4. In June we had a budget meeting which I expected to be a huge contentious stress ball, but it ended up being very productive and affirming.

    5. We adopted Kaylee, the latest little weirdo in our family.

    6. We spent Thanksgiving in Chicago with Lindsay and Bridget.

    7. We were also in Chicago for Jason & Jessica’s wedding (which I guess might be on someone else’s list too) and then got to spend a few extra days with Toni & Dan & family (watching Ethan morph into their 4th son :-) and then with Jessica & Jason & then with Lindsay while we waited for the power to come back on at home.

    8. The Boy & I cleaned out the basement (no, really, this belongs on the list, it needed to happen for years.)

    9. Went from “thinking about doing a thing” to being ready to do a thing, even if that thing has been delayed longer than I would have liked. Hopefully “doing this thing” will be on the 2013 list.

    10. Me & You