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  1. lindstifa replied to your post: TJ, I need your expertise! And idea why…


    n.b.: after I did that last night, I figured out how to remove the DRM from iTunes Video.

    My original plan had been to buy a Blu-Ray drive for my Mac, and the related software to de-DRM Blu-Ray discs, which would have cost several hundred dollars.

    Instead I spent some time in Google and waded through a bunch of crappy, out-dated solutions, as well as several scammy-looking website offering paid solutions, until I found the site that gave me the links I needed.

    I had to ‘downgrade’ iTunes from version 11 to 10 (which is an improvement, IMO), and I had to bypass Mac OS X’s warning that the app I found to do the actual de-DRM’ing was ‘damaged and should be moved to the trash’ because otherwise it wouldn’t let me launch it.

    This makes it much more likely that I will buy more stuff from iTunes in the future, and also makes the videos that I have already purchased (including Firefly and 5 seasons of Dr Who) much more valuable to me.

    Oh, right, and Doctor Horrible.

    Now I can watch my iTunes movies on any device I want, I can take screenshots, I can make a DVD (why? well, I dunno, actually, but I could), and I can easily make smaller versions of the movies for my iPad and iPhone.

    And, of course, as with all iTunes stuff: no FBI warning, no unskippable previews, etc. Click play and away it goes.