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  1. Mac people!


    Someone I know is selling an iMac (2006) running osx 10.4, 17” screen with CS 3 for $200.

    I know it would require some upgrading but I would like to know how much I would need to sink into it to bring it up to date. Or if it’s worth the money at all.

    Also, I have never owned an Apple computer so please speak to me in layman nerd.


    FYI my iMac is from 2007 and is a totally kickass machine. I just upgraded from 4gb of RAM to 6gb and added an SSD.

    It can run Mountain Lion (10.8) and all the latest software.

    I don’t know what version of OS X that 2006 iMac can run. Assuming it can run at least Snow Leopard (10.6), you’ll be able to run most software, although there is some limited to Lion (10.7) or Mt Lion (10.8).

    You can get Lion for $20 from Apple. Mountain Lion is $30 I think.

    My best suggestion is to find out the exact model number and then contact OWC ( and see what upgrades are available for it. You should have at least 4gb of RAM. At least.

    I hope this helps!

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