Fun Size Bytes

  1. Who is this?

    I laid out my clothes for tomorrow. Big deal. But I’ve now removed a couple of minutes out of tomorrow morning’s frantic pace.

    I saw my OmniFocus icon said 7. I only have it set to show “Overdue” items. Well, either I’m going to learn to ignore that number (and render that feature useless), or I’m going to get into the habit of responding to it.

    So I launched it. I figured I might as well reassign the due dates to tomorrow since I clearly wasn’t going to do them today anyway.

    Turns out I had actually done 3 of them already. Another 2 didn’t need a due date as urgently as I had set them. I rescheduled the other two.

    Hey look. World didn’t end.

    While I was there I also saw a few other things I could complete fairly simply, so I did them. I renewed my domain (which, a year ago, I accidentally let expire) for 5 years (the maximum amount available). I updated brew on my desktop and laptop. I dug my backup drive out of my laptop bag and told SuperDuper to run.

    In the last 15-20 minutes before going to bed, I probably checked off about 10 things from my OmniFocus list.

    I hadn’t gone through them and set them to any duration or anything like that, I just scanned through the list.

    "Hey, I did that already" CHECK

    "I don’t care about that anymore." CHECK

    "I can do that now" CHECK

    "Oh, I was going to order Ruth’s birthday present tomorrow but if I wait a few minutes I can order it tonight and still have it get there on her birthday." CHECK

    I’m not super organized. Maybe I never will be. But by putting all of these things in one place, it’s so much easier to see them, remember them, and do them, rather than whatever else I might have done in that 20 minutes that I wouldn’t really have cared about tomorrow.

    I’m putting this here as a reminder to myself to keep writing down these things I want to have done, and put them into one place. And then just keep checking that one place. The rest almost takes care of itself.