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  1. beigeinside wrote...

    What got my goat about the pastor was that she totally misrepresented tithing. I mean, what does God need with money? ("What does God need with a starship?" Am I right?)

    She gives 10% of her income (from another job) to the 15-person storefront church where she’s the pastor.

    Now I’m not here to disparage the size of anyone’s church, because there’s nothing to say that you can’t have the most authentic Christian community in a gathering of just a few people.

    But it seems extremely likely that 10% she “tithes” most likely goes to pay the rent for the church that she started where she’s the pastor.

    Which is not exactly the sort of sacrificial giving that one normally associates with tithing.

    A pastor I worked with once told me that he and his wife set up a separate checking account where they put in 10% of their income (not sure if that was ‘net’ or ‘gross’ but it doesn’t really matter). From that 10% they did things like buying from kids who were fundraising for their school band, or gave to organizations they wanted to support, or basically to anywhere else where they felt it was needed and did not (financially) benefit themselves.

    By having it in a separate account, it was easy for them to keep track of it and know how much they had left to spend.

    That’s something I want to do someday too.