Fun Size Bytes

  1. Is it 5 o’clock yet?

    The secretary came to me this morning all up in arms because her ‘2012’ folder (containing everything that she did in 2012) was “gone.”

    I checked and indeed it was not where it should be.

    I checked her account (because all of her important files are stored in Dropbox) and it said that the ‘2012’ folder was deleted on January 30th at 2pm.

    "Well I didn’t delete it!” she said.

    Sure, because you know people are always breaking into the office to delete folders off your computer.

    During work-day hours.

    When you are in the office.

    Turns out she had unintentionally moved the 2012 folder into another folder.

    Last week she needed help 1) downloading an image from her email and 2) importing that image into a Word document.

    She has been using computers for over a decade.

    I know that she must have done these things before.

    She’s either forgetting how to do what little she knows how to do, or she’s just deciding that it’s easier to ask me to do it for her.

    Either way, it’s not a good development.