Fun Size Bytes


    Have been trying to revise thesis.

    Not getting anywhere.

    Had an idea for ‘little side project’ I wanted to do. So I started working on that.

    Project ends up several hours and a bunch more involved than I thought. Shell scripts and Hazel recipes and all sorts of complicated intricacies.

    But maybe I can write it up, since other people are interested.

    Writing it up is complicated, explaining it takes way longer than I thought it would, and I’m still not sure that anyone could follow them even if they survived reading it all.

    When I finished I have a completely unusable *4600 words plus 2 Github repositories and a new Gmail account.

    "Well," I think, "Maybe it would possible be worth posting on TUAW."

    So I send them the link, realizing that it would need major editing to be usable, meaning more time, but at least I’ll feel like I made something that was useful and worthwhile.

    One of the editors emails me back ~2 minutes later and says “You know…There’s an app that does this.”

    The app is $0.99.

    Or free if you don’t mind ads.

    And 1,000 times easier than my hacked-together disaster of incomprehensible instructions.

    So there go two days of my life spent on something that wasn’t what I wanted to be working on or needed to be working on, but thought would at least be worth it in the end.

    I’m so angry I could punch a kitten.