Fun Size Bytes

  1. Contingency Plans

    I received an email this morning from a member of my congregation (who also sent it to several others). I don’t think that he has any idea that we talked about Hobby Lobby on the podcast (or that I have a podcast… or what a podcast is).

    I told The Wife about it (via iMessage), and pointed out that there is a small-but-not-zero chance that the podcast might cause problems for me/us some day in the future if someone finds it and decides to take offense at it.

    Her response:

    Ah. I’m absolutely ok with that as I firmly believe this is something you’re supposed to do.

    which is another reminder that I married one of the good ones.

    OTOH, if that happens we’re coming to crash on your floor while I look for a job. I hope no one is allergic to dogs.

    ps - if you’re curious to know more about the email I received, I wrote more about it here.