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  1. dwineman replied to your post: I’m not sure you’re really understanding what I’m saying…

    In case you didn’t know this, it may be some consolation that there’s no toll in the other direction. So you’ve also paid for the ride back.

    There’s some New Yorker mentality for you: You have to pay to come into New York, but not to leave.

  2. Followup: Build My Own Dashboard

    dwineman replied to your post: So I’m writing a shell script…

    Why not just use an RSS reader? Does basically the same thing.

    You’d think so, right?

    I did that once before, put all of my Tumblr people into RSS, and it was a terrible experience. I am absolutely sure that I was seeing duplicate posts. That’s the main reason I avoided RSS.

    It also felt like I wasn’t sure that I was seeing all of the posts of all of the people I follow. And there are some people who have mucked with their RSS feeds so that they won’t show anything. Not many, but a few.

    Also, the RSS feeds only show the latest 20 posts. Now, for some people, that’s a month worth of posts, but for other people, it’s a few hours. The way I’m doing it gives me the last 50 posts from each person, which I can then check against a cache of previously processed posts. So, no duplicates.

    My method also lets me (potentially) do some basic filtering. For example, if I didn’t want to see posts with certain keywords in them, I could check for those keywords and automatically delete posts which matched. I could even conceivably do something like send the posts to myself via email.


    A few people asked if this is something I’d share… absolutely, but let me get it working first. Right now it’s still in flux. I’ve written 3-4 versions of it and I think I have it right this time, but I’m not sure. Plus I’m finding little bugs here and there.

  3. It’s rude to show yourself as smarter than your host!

    (But these 3 did it anyway… and I’m glad. So glad I wanted to share their insights with all y’all — TjL)

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    thunderdolt replied to your photo: On the left is a bowl of new dog food I just…

    Don’t you dare throw out that perfectly good kibble! Geez. It’s just like when you pick up the hormone-laden turds I leave ON PURPOSE so other dogs know who/where I am. Dang!

    dwineman replied to your photo: On the left is a bowl of new dog food I just…

    Actually not that dumb. In the bowl is normal, everyday, predictable food. She knows that’s hers. But the dusty floor food? Where’d THAT come from? Better eat it first in case it goes away again!

  4. I am not an expert

    dwineman replied to your photo: From now on, when I’m not at my standing desk at…

    I don’t get this. I thought the whole point of sitting on a ball was that it wants to roll out from under you, so you have to use your muscles to balance. But if the ball is sitting in a frame that holds it in position, isn’t it the same as a chair?

    I do not know, Science-Based Human Asking Technical Questions.

    Here is what I know:

    1. Sitting on the ball makes it impossible to slouch back like I often do in a regular chair.

    2. The chair has wheels so it definitely still wants to move (although the front two wheels have locks if you want to use them).

    3. Sitting on the ball by itself would be far too low for me and I don’t think I could do it. Otherwise I’d need a much bigger ball (Err…)

    4. I can feel it in my legs that they have been “working” (at least a little)

    5. I’m not using the “back-rest” and so I’m using muscles to keep myself upright at the very least.

    6. The least technical answer I can give you is that it feels completely different from sitting in a regular chair. I had surgery on my tailbone years ago, and it still hurts occasionally if I sit too long in a regular chair. I could see this being much better.

    7. Originally I wished I had a standing desk at home, but I know that’s not ideal and not feasible. I still think it’s “better” than a regular chair. But I’m no expert.