Fun Size Bytes

  1. WENTZVILLE, Mo. (AP) - A Wentzville man is jailed after allegedly becoming agitated during a barber shop discussion of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting and allegedly shooting in the direction of a patron.

    A patron made the comment that the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School made him want to kill the suspect.

    For unknown reasons, police say Davis took the comment as a threat and asked, “You want to murder me?”

    Davis then allegedly went to his car, retrieved a pistol and fired three times in the customer’s direction. No one was hurt.

  2. I heard from people after the shootings. People
    I knew well or barely or not at all. Largely
    the same message: how horrible it was, how little
    there was to say about how horrible it was.
    People wrote, called, mostly e-mailed
    because they know I teach at Virginia Tech,
    to say, there’s nothing to say. Eventually
    I answered these messages: there’s nothing
    to say back except of course there’s nothing
    to say, thank you for your willingness
    to say it. Because this was about nothing.
    A boy who felt that he was nothing,
    who erased and entered that erasure, and guns
    that are good for nothing, and talk of guns
    that is good for nothing, and spring
    that is good for flowers, and Jesus for some,
    and scotch for others, and “and” for me
    in this poem, “and” that is good
    for sewing the minutes together, which otherwise
    go about going away, bereft of us and us
    of them. Like a scarf left on a train and nothing
    like a scarf left on a train. As if the train,
    empty of everything but a scarf, still opens
    its doors at every stop, because this
    is what a train does, this is what a man does
    with his hand on a lever, because otherwise,
    why the lever, why the hand, and then it was over,
    and then it had just begun.