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  1. Improving Crashplan Speed


    hellamike replied to your post: I’m sure glad you guys told me about Crashplan.

    I’m still uploading. Since black Friday. Ha ha ugh.

    The trick is only backing up things that you need. That is to say, things that can’t be reasonably replaced.

    Go to Crashplan —> Settings

    Go to ‘Backup’ to set exclusions for things you don’t want to backup, but also, try changing the settings to allow it to use more CPU even when “the user is present”.

    In my experience, that will help the initial backup go a lot faster, and I have not seen it bog down my machine even when I am trying to use it.

    And, obviously, don’t turn the computer off. (You can turn off the screen, but not the computer itself.)

    They have a video to show you how to do this:

    and a link to additional articles here: