Fun Size Bytes

  1. loveclaire wrote...

    TJ, I need your expertise! And idea why Tumblr/Missing E are no longer allowing me to reply to peoples' comments in my posts? The comments option is gone.

    An excellent question.

    The answer is that Tumblr changed the format of the replies on the Dashboard, and Missing E (which is where the ‘Reply To Replies’ feature comes from) has not yet been updated to deal with it.

    Probably because Jeremy has been a little busy moving to NYC and starting a new job/life/etc.

    The good news is that it can be done, but you have to be very careful.

    1) You cannot reply to the reply directly from your dashboard, you have to do it from the post itself. This can be a pain if there are thousands of notes.

    Once you found the post, click the number indicating the number of notes. For example, in this picture, you’d click on the ‘12’ in the top box:

    that will reveal the notes.

    2) Next you have to find the note that you want to reply to. Note the second box in the image above.

    Next you have to move your mouse over the little “comment bubble” on the right.

    BUT when you do that, the ‘IGNORE’ button (or, IIRC, sometimes a ‘BLOCK’ button) will appear.

    The trick is that your mouse has to click on the bubble but not on the ‘IGNORE’ which is very tricky, but can be done.

    What I do is put the mouse above the comment bubble and then slowly move it down until it changes shape and looks like this:

    If you click right there you will get the ‘Reply To Replies’ and not the ‘Ignore’.

  2. Movies That Know What They Are

    loveclaire replied to your post: loveclaire replied to your photo: One of these…

    Well, my favorite movie of all time is Independence Day. So I may be dead to you twice now.

    Independence Day is a fun movie. We saw it several times in the theater and I still enjoy it.

    (Then again, I also enjoyed Water World which is a much better movie than most people who haven’t seen it think.)

    The Princess Bride is a great movie because it knows what it is. It doesn’t think it’s high art. It thinks it’s a movie that’s meant to be entertaining.

    OTOH, I could never stand Whitney Houston (screaming is not singing… see also: Mariah Carey), so I may be ever so slightly biased. (I know you’ll find that hard to believe.)

  3. loveclaire replied to your photo: One of these things is not like the others, One…

    I’m sorry, but the Bodyguard is a fantastic film. Kevin Costner’s rampage through the hotel kitchen is proof enough of its greatness.

    No, I’m sorry…

    …because you are dead to me.

    Look at the rest of the movies on that list, and then look at The Bodyguard

    Then look back at the rest of the movies on that list, and then look back at The Bodyguard

  4. Tumblr Crushes:


Tumblr may pretend I don’t exist, but don’t let that fool you into thinking I don’t still love you as much as ever.

    Tumblr Crushes:

    Tumblr may pretend I don’t exist, but don’t let that fool you into thinking I don’t still love you as much as ever.

  5. Secret menus and the secret to cooking sausages

    loveclaire replied to your post: Dear Person Who Said That In&Out is Better Than Five Guys: Do you hear that ringing in your ears? That’s me calling BULLSHIT. Pick up. PICK UP.

    A secret menu that they blatantly advertise on their website. I miss Five Guys sooo much.

    What about those people like me who don’t even have the Internet? Hrm? Did you even think about them?

    And … you miss Five Guys? Are you saying that you like both Five Guys and In&Out? Because we’re at war, Claire, pick a side…

    ~ Sausages ~

    On a different note: here’s an important tip for all you meat-eaters out there. When you’re cooking up some sausages to eat late at night because you don’t have any hamburger and you really want some meat (not like that, pervs), there’s an important question you should ask before throwing the package away.

    "Are these precooked sausages that I’m just supposed to heat up and eat? Or are these raw sausages that I’m going to have to let cook for awhile?"

    Because that sausage that I just bit into after 5 minutes on each side to get the outside brown? Yeah, that’s not a precooked sausage, so I just had all sorts of raw animal meat in my mouth (not like that, pervs) and I’ve gotta say I don’t think that’s a mistake I’m going to ever make again.

    Not to mention that “sausage” is basically made from armpits and ears anyway

    (Dear Vegetarian followers: I’m very sorry.)

    ~ “What’s that smell?” ~

    "What’s that smell? It’s not bad… it’s just … different?"

    — thing I said no fewer than 8 times tonight in the hours after lighting a new Yankee Candle

    ~ Mike’s Harder Lemonade ~

    I went grocery shopping last week and picked up some “Mike’s Harder” lemonade, which I hadn’t seen before. It’s like Mike’s Hard Lemonade, except… well, you know… it comes in cans. (Not like that, pervs.)

    Anyway, I tried one the other night and… it wasn’t bad… it was just a little… weird. Almost like lemonade-beer, almost like lemon-beer-soda… Like I said: weird.

    The Wife came home two days later and said “Why’d you buy the Mike’s Harder again?”

    Me: “I haven’t had it before.”

    Her: “Yes you have.”

    Me: “I have? Did I like it before?”

    Her: “You said it was weird.”


  6. Ruined another one…

    Ruined another one…