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    So…. What app? Will it run on a PPC Mac? 10.5.8. TIA.

    Requiem is the app. It is Intel/PPC but I don’t know if it will work with 10.5.8.

    If you are on 10.8 (and maybe 10.7) you will get a warning like this:

    All that means is that the app isn’t digitally signed. You can get around this by removing the quarantine information by entering these two lines in

    xattr -d /Applications/
    xattr -d /Applications/

    And you may need to control+click the app and choose ‘open’ to launch it the first time.

    Note: doing this is subverting the security built into Mac OS X. Sure, I’m telling you it’s safe, but I’m just some guy on the Internet. Allegedly. Use at your own risk.

  2. Oops.

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    That would be Downton Abbey.

    So sörry.