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    I don’t get it. It’ll come, right?

    One certainly hopes so.

  2. Decorative But Not Functional: A Tale of Frustrating Boobs

  3. Tickled Pink

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    I thought the whole “tj likes Pink” thing was a joke. This blows my mind a liitle bit. NO I DO NOT KNOW WHY EXACTLY
    • Perhaps because 39 year-old happily married men aren’t exactly her “target demo”?

    • Did you miss the part where where we bought tickets to see her in concert in March?

    Here’s a potentially interesting tidbit: I first heard her several years ago when I asked my confirmation class kids to bring in a copy of their favorite CD.

    I do that with each class. Most of the kids don’t do it, I’m not sure why, maybe they think I’m going to find some fault with what they like, but every year there are a couple who do, and it’s usually a big deal for them to them that I’m willing to listen.

    The girl who brought the Pink CD handed it to me after class was over and said, “There are some, um, you know, bad words in some of these songs.”

    I smiled and said, “I bet I’ve heard them before.” She laughed and seemed relieved.

    Which I guess was better than my initial instinct, which was to shrug and say "Fuck do I care?" because, you know, discretion.

  4. Replies To Replies

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    And if it was so awful, why am I still laughing?

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    I do what I “can.”

    Well done.

    You and your daughter could both wear these for Halloween and do a dance routine together. Something fun and peppy like the… can-can.

    Or, for something a little bit different, you and The Man could wear them and sing a duet about gender roles, equality, and competition.

    If I might suggest a song, perhaps… “Anything you can do I can do better”?

    I dunno, just some early Monday morning ideas…